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    Tools we use

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    India’s #1 SEO agency that deals in facts, figures & ROI. See how we delighted our customers by earning #1 spot on google! Apart from SEO, We also offer best website designing and mobile app development services in India CALL us: 9878730549

    Why We are the Best SEO Company India?

    Niche-Oriented SEO Team

    Niche-Oriented SEO Team

    SSDM is one of the leading SEO company in India, with certified experts for diverse niches like real estate, SMBs, educational groups, IT, etc. Our skilled SEO specialists know how to target the right audience to drive organic traffic & leads to your website.

    Customized SEO Campaigns​

    Customized SEO Campaigns

    Our dedicated SEO teams strive hard to create a customized SEO plan & tactics depending on the industry vertical. No two businesses are cutter copies of each other; a unique SEO approach is required to enhance the web presence.

    Brand Safety

    Brand Safety

    A bad SEO can bring the worst results & negative repercussions. To avoid this, our SEO specialists only employ white hat SEO techniques to promote your brand safely. We make sure to keep your website safe from negative publicity, search penalties etc.

    More Sales & Revenue

    More Sales & Revenue

    ROI is all that matters. The primary reason to hire an SEO Company is to increase the conversion rate & revenue. We guarantee to get you the #1 spot on the #1 page of search engines using our innovative SEO strategies.

    Get Valuable Data & Analytics

    Get the opportunity to boost your business better than before. Our SEO company in India can help you know the insights of your business rivals & multi-channel strategies for the future. Growth.

    No Lock-in Contracts

    No Lock-in Contracts

    Our work speaks for itself. AT SSDM, we offer guaranteed results with our best SEO practices & certified specialists. In case you want to cease our services, inform us on a previous 30 days notice.

    SEO Strategies We follow to
    Rank Your Company
    in India



    Our SEO campaigns start with analyzing your online presence and scanning issues. The aim is to identify the site structure, link building, content quality to create an implementation plan.



    On-Page SEO techniques help your website to be in the good books of Google. It includes altering meta tags, Content, images, load speed & site structure according to user intent.



    Our SEO experts use advanced SEO tools to identify the list of top keywords and phrases to improve your website’s visibility in higher SERPs, drive more traffic & increase ROI.



    We focus on increasing SERP ranking by building Authority & high-quality links. Our SEO specialist will audit your website to remove existing toxic links and penalties, if any.



    We evaluate the performance of potential competitors & their marketing Strategies to rank at the top of SERPs. The main goal is to use the insights & improve your website ranking.



    The most essential part of content marketing. The content must satisfy the search intent. So we integrate all the trending keywords and share triggers that turns traffic into sales.



    The success of your website depends mainly on content creation. Our SEO content Campaign focuses on KPI. It should be unique, informative & engaging for both the users & search engines.



    SSDM delivers transparent tracking reports on a weekly or monthly basis as per the client’s demand. It includes SEO campaign details, keyword ranking & sales information. We don’t believe in hiding at all.

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    We help you with a 100% Assurance Share the following information and check out our FREE in-depth analysis & custom strategy on how we’ll make your website rank

      our seo blueprint for successful campaign

      Our ultimate goal is to Master Seach Engine Optimization by ranking your website at the #1 position in Google, boost organic traffic and bring maximum ROI. We believe in generating long-lasting SEO results that will help to secure & maintaining your top position in SERPs. Our SEO company in India will give you valuable data, optimum design, on-site structure & access to advanced SEO tools to evaluate your future growth. Whether you want our SEO services in Amritsar, jalandhar, Ludhiana or any other city, we would love to help you with our services. 

      ON-SITE SEO Strategy

      It includes measuring & tracking on-page components of the website to enhance your web presence. In simple words, it is the process to help search engines understand what your website is exactly about? It makes your website user-friendly and google-friendly. We target creating engaging content that is easily readable by crawlers/ search bots and users as well.

      After we are done with your website & competitor analysis, our first step is immediately starting our on-site SEO strategy. It includes integrating trending keywords, optimizing images, URLs, load speed & link building, etc. The goal is to create a framework and find unique ways to boost your website’s online presence & sales.

      Technical SEO

      Technical SEO

      Content is important, but one cannot improve their online presence if technical SEO is all messed up. It’s a process of meeting the technical requirements of search engines to rank highest in SERPs. Crawling, Indexing, site architecture, and rendering are the main components we look after in technical SEO. Let’s take a look at a few of the technical issues:

      • Hosting support
      • Low website speed & load time
      • Sitemap error
      • Broken links ( internal & external)
      • Duplicate Content
      • Crawling errors
      • Structured data
      • Robots.txt file settings

      To optimize your website as per the Google guidelines, we make sure to improve the loading speed of your website, removing copied content, low-quality backlinks and making it mobile-friendly. The time to rectify may vary depending on the job complexity.

      Backlinks: Link Building for more traffic & Ranking

      Backlinks are responsible for 50% of your website visibility. If you have just started a new website, the best strategy is to get some quality base links to increase your website credibility. We make sure to build links with authoritative and trustworthy websites related to your niche. There are certain factors we consider before starting our link building process:

      • Age & Authority of link domain & relevancy.
      • Referral Link location & number of links already posted.
      • Google rating & Domain Rating
      • The Anchor text (The highlighted text used for hyperlink).

      Backlinking is an effective way to impress google that another site has found valuable content on your site to link it. At SSDM, our SEO specialists follow a simple thumb rule. We do not consider the websites using black hat SEO or that are not transparent about their link-building process.

      SEO Content Strategy

      SEO Content Strategy

      Content is known as the King in Marketing. Your website credibility & visibility depends a lot on the quality and quantity of the content. Our SEO India specialists make sure to create scalable content as per google’s guidelines. We work with a customized niche-oriented content strategy to rank you higher in SERPs & drive more traffic. The important parameters we consider are:

      • Identifying the targeted audience
      • Defining Topic Areas & Highlighting Keywords
      • Using keyword research tools
      • Hosting content etc.

      Engaging Content created with an effective SEO strategy is definite to increase your website ranking, traffic & profit.

      Off-site Optimization

      It is the process of optimizing your website through the external factors that impacts your website ranking & visibility. Offsite Optimization usually takes longer times but ig guaranteed to give long lasting results if done properly. It includes:

      • Acquiring quality external links
      • Social media
      • Social bookmarking
      • Video posting
      • Blogging etc.

      Off-page SEO helps building your site trust, authority & reputation. Our SEO experts make sure to optimize your website as per google’s guidelines.

      Off-site Optimization
      Customized SEO Solutions

      Customized SEO Solutions

      Our SEO specialists works with customized SEO plans & tactics according to your niche. Our focus is not only to drive the traffic but also to increase the rate of conversion to increase revenue. We don’t follow one-in-all approach. No two businesses are similar , so is our SEO plans. To track & measure growth, we use SEO tools like Google analytics, google search console. Following are some of the important parameter we work on:

      • Click through rate
      • traffic comparison (monthly/yearly)
      • Top keywords/Pages
      • Checking keyword ranking
      • Acquiring Backlinks
      • Content optimization

      We keep on changing our strategies and tactics based on google algorithms updates & competitors. It helps us to achieve your business goals within the fixed timeframe.

      GMB (Google my Business) Optimization

      GMB is a free tool by Google that allows various business verticals online to handle their web presence and evaluate their growth. GMB listing is an effective location-based strategy that gives local exposure to your brand. It lists specific details about your business that makes it easier for the customers to connect with you. For example:

      • Business hours
      • Business address
      • Category
      • Reviews

      After Google my business optimization, google Maps location will be automatically generated for the users. Overall, it’s a great local SEO Strategy that helps drive organic traffic to your website.

      GMB (Google my Business) Optimization
      SEO company in India for local business

      Top SEO company in India that Builds Local Businesses

      Our mission & vision is to boost your site’s visibility, traffic & ROI. The SEO experts at Smartways digital marketing work hard to develop customized SEO strategies & campaigns depending on your niche. We guarantee to improve your local or national visibility. Call us today at +91-98787-30549 or simply fill in the details to book a free consultation!

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