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5 Best Free SEO Tools For Small Businesses

free SEO Tools

Are you looking for free SEO tools to help you acquire extra traffic, money, rank, and reputation? 

As a beginner, you might find it hard to optimize your website’s search results. But you don’t have to worry! Finding the best SEO tools has become easier than ever. These tools not only make your work easier but also faster. They provide you details on the backlinks of your website. Also, help you with the SEO competition on the net. And if you can get this help for free, then it’s a cherry on top!

In this article, we have compiled a list of the five best SEO tools that are easy to use and free of cost.

Best tools to help you get the right insight into SEO metrics

1) Google Analytics

Google Analytics

You might already know about Google Analytics, but if you don’t, then you must start using it regularly. This data feed provides high-quality and thorough information. In SEO toolkit, Google Analytics should be the hammer, meaning the most important one. All other SEO tools should complement this free and user-friendly tool.

Important features

  • Google Analytics helps you see the total traffic approaching your site and the ways in which the people are coming there.
  • Campaign Parameter tracking feature helps you find out the campaigns that are bringing the maximum traffic and conversions.
  • The audience report feature helps you understand your audience, like their age and the device they are using while being on your site.
  • The Funnel conversion path and Goal tracking feature help you find out the number of converting users. They also help you determine the path they are using for conversion.

How to use Google Analytics?

If you are a first-time user, you need to create a new Analytics account. Sign in to your account and add your website as a property in Google Analytics.

After adding your website as a property, you need to go to the Tracking code option under the property and copy the code. Now paste this tracking code after the <HEAD> tag on each page of your website.

Once it’s done, you will able to acquire detailed information about your website whenever you log in to Google Analytics. You will be able to see the number of visits, time spent on your page, channels sending you the maximum audience, and other important measures.

How is it useful?

The tool connects you directly with Google and sends you a lot of important data. It helps you determine the total traffic on your site, the conversions, and the revenue generated from the website. You can trust this tool and use it for further optimization of your website.

2) Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer

Moz helps you discover the right information about the SEO metrics of a particular site. Moz link explorer is a tool created by Moz. And it helps in analyzing the website links. It offers a detailed view of your site’s backlink profile. And helps you with the website’s link metrics like domain authority, page authority, etc.

Important Features

  • The tools help you to do a compiled research on the competitor’s website and assess them on the basis of PA and DA.
  • Website developers can easily fix or resolve any crashed links on the site. 
  • The tool can assist you to check the spam score of the links that are correlated to your site and remove such links immediately. 
  • Also, it can help the users to disclose link opportunities by understanding who is linking the URL for the betterment of the site. 
  • The tool will find out the upcoming and lost links and reveal the higher-rated content on your site.

How to use Moz?

Log in to Moz Link Explorer and enter the URL of the site in the search box. The tool will provide extensive analysis of the site, enclosing anchor text, linked domain, and other factors.  

How is it useful?

Links are an important factor if you want your website to rank at the top of the search engine results. Moz Link Explorer will help you to evaluate your website profile and compare it with other top-rated competitors’ link profiles. Also, it offers you some better link options that you can use to overthrow your competitor’s website in terms of organic search results.

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3) Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs has the best backlink database in the market. It has one of the most active web crawlers. Hence, it provides a powerful Backlink Checker. This checker allows you to examine the top 100 links pointing at your website. It gives you a proper insight into the SEO metrics of a particular website. These metrics include organic traffic, number of referring domains, number of backlinks, domain rating (DR), URL rating (UL), and Ahrefs rank (AR).

Important features

  • Ahrefs provides a powerful link checker that inspects the top backlinks.
  • The tool shows the domain rating and the anchor text.
  • It is a fast tool.
  • You can check the total number of domains and backlinks referring to a particular site.

How to use Ahrefs?

To use this tool, you need to login to their site and enter your website’s URL. It will not only analyze your website and show you the domain rating (DR) and URL rating (UR) score, but it will also generate the top 100 links referring to your website.

How is it useful?

Ahrefs backlink checker helps you to plan your link-building strategy by giving you a quick analysis of the top 100 backlinks pointing at your website.

4) Google page speed Insight

Google page speed Insight

To engage more viewers, you can use page loading speed. It is one of the crucial elements to be considered as the best SEO tool. If the site speed amplifies, it can lead to better search engine ranking and user satisfaction. 

Google page speed insight is a great tool and, it’s absolutely free. These tools will check your website speed and provide you quick suggestions on how to improve it. 

Important Features

  • The tool analyses website speed both on Mobile and desktop. 
  • Easy to categorize your website based on the score as fast, average, or slow.  
  • Offers great suggestion on how to enhance website performance rate. 

How to use Google page speed Insight?

At first, you need to enter the site or blog’s link. Then click on Analyze button and the tool will instantly survey the speed and overall performance of the site. After a proper analysis, it will provide a score for both mobile UX and desktop. 

How the scores rank?

  • 90+ above score means your site’s speed is much faster than most of the sites. 
  • 50-80 score means Average. 
  • Below 50 score means your site is too slow. 

You need to target a score of more than 90, to provide your viewers a better experience. The higher the scores are, the higher will be the chances of your website to rank in the search engines. 

How is it useful?

Google recently announced a major update on mobile ranking elements. To rank on mobile searches, page speeds becomes an important factor.  Google page speed Insight is an incredible tool, that will help you to optimize your website and save you from paying any penalties. 

5) SEMrush 


It is one of the amazing SEO tools, that every user finds useful especially for marketers. It executes a proper SEO audit and exhibits the website score based on search traffic and backlinks that your site has. Also, you can further analyze keyword research, detailed competitive analysis, topic research by using this tool. 

Important Features

  • Helps to conduct a proper audit on technical site. 
  • Conduct a Domain Vs Domain competitive analysis. 
  • Through the backlink analysis tool, you can do a proper analysis of links pointing to any domain. 
  • By using a keyword research tool, you can find the best keywords for your website. 
  • Content analyzer helps to measure the quality of the content and highlight the major drawbacks. 

How to use SEMrush ?

Sign up to SEMrush and enter the domain name for a detailed analysis. The tool will evaluate the organic traffic and the total number of backlinks used. The tools will let you know the top keywords that are generating more traffic. SEMrush will refer you to some domain and take an overview of anchor text and links. 

How is it useful?

SEMrush is a great SEO tool available for individuals and marketers. These tools help you to look at every aspect of SEO in India, starting from link building to top-rated keyword research. No doubt, SEMrush should be your first choice, if you want to start with any of the free SEO tools. 


These are only the five most effective tools that you must use as a SEO optimizer. But if you want to level up your game as a SEO optimizer, then you need to invest money to get the right tools. You need to make sure that you choose the one that suits your budget and needs. Also, make sure to maximize all the benefits you can possibly get from the plan you choose.